Letter From the Board

To Valliant Area Citizens and Businesses:

 A Future to Realize…the time begins now!

It is an honor to be part of an exciting time for all Valliant citizens and businesses. A great deal of work has been ongoing to address some of the needs for local businesses and to provide opportunities, entertainment, and more that benefits all who live in or visit Valliant. The Watermelon Festival has been a local and regional attraction for some time now, hosting a variety of activity and events. Plans are already in the works for the 2018 Watermelon Festival, plus several other chances for local patrons and out of town visitors to enjoy some of the best products and services offered by so many of our committed business owners and Valliant Chamber of Commerce Board members.

Making decisions to build or grow a business in Valliant requires accurate data and information about properties available to purchase or lease. By understanding more specifically about what businesses need, the Chamber will seek the input of existing businesses as a means for discovering how best to grow economic potential. According to a study completed by the Choctaw Nation, approximately 8,000 vehicles travel through Valliant daily. In addition to this tremendous traffic benefit, this indicates a potential of about 10 million dollars of revenue currently available. Development for industry is prime, and opportunity for building new neighborhoods full of modest homes is excellent given location and low property costs. All of this and much more indicate prime timing and locations to bring your family, business, or just yourself to Valliant, Oklahoma.

The area is host to many venues and is located within 35 minutes of the Beaver’s Bend Resort and other exciting vacation get-a-ways. Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake – 10 minutes north of Valliant -, Hochatown with its newest restaurants and activities, in addition to hunting, fishing, canoe and kayak experiences on our beautiful rivers all make for a tremendous opportunity for businesses to relocate and build here. Railway service is plentiful, with easy access on the south side of Highway 70. Utilities are available, with local fire and police protection and a mayoral city government. The local school district of almost 900 students is continuing to grow programs using innovative ideas from educators and administrators, featuring Industrial Arts for carpentry, FFA, FCCLA, exciting athletic opportunities, and improvements to the infrastructure of school facilities. Plans to grow and expand are anticipated with the involvement of many community members making this all possible.

With the tenacity, dedication, and commitment by many within the Valliant Community to work in unison to accomplish projects benefiting children, families, and businesses, we welcome anyone who wishes to join our team to contact us. The Valliant Chamber of Commerce looks forward to what the future holds. Realizing Valliant’s future means searching for the potential and doing what it takes to ensure economic growth. With conviction, the team will strive to build a sustainable plan for growth that requires active and engaged stakeholders made up of city officials, businesses, active citizens, and the Valliant Chamber of Commerce. Come join “us” and find a new home for your family, your company, and yourself.

With sincere gratitude and best wishes,

The Valliant Chamber of Commerce Board